"Kacey helped me with my Hamilton audition and I got a call back! She has a vast knowledge on the industry, both American and in London. Whether I'm topping up on my skills, or need to brush up on an American accent, I always go to Mayflower!"


"My daughter has severe performance anxiety. She has never been able to read aloud confidently in class, and recently she stopped turning in homework. So when she asked to do a LAMDA exam her friends were doing, we were surprised. We knew we were going to need some extra help, and that's when we were recommended Kacey and Mayflower. I can summarize it with this: in a matter of three sessions, our daughter had an entire tool bag she was proud to carry to help her with her reading performance. Kacey really understood a child's anxiety and sought to break through it. I can not BELIEVE the transformation. I can't recommend her enough."


"Fresh out of drama school I thought I was ready to go. It only took three auditions for me to realize I needed help prepping more than ever before. That's when I turned to Mayflower. Kacey teaches in a very professional setting inside LAMDA, and reminds me every time of all those skills I can let slip when I'm no longer in drama school every day! I can't express how imperative it was for me to refocus my skills once again. Cheers to Mayflower!"


"Our son has struggled with his dyslexia for the past two years. This year, he decided he want to be part of the school play, but his tutor thought he may benefit from some extra performance lessons to boost his public speaking confidence. When we signed him up for Mayflower, we figured he'd have a new monologue ready and some excitement, but never did we think he could truly learn to overhaul his dyslexia. Kacey mentioned she had done her thesis on Dyslexia and learning disabilities with actors, but she did't mention how much this type of tailored learning was going to change our sons whole new outlook on school! It wasn't just about his public speaking in the end, he has a whole new host of skills we couldn't even expect. THANK YOU MAYFLOWER.